We will be there!

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We will be there!

Dear all,

Almost two months after the beginning of this period, the uncertainty remains great.
We do not know when the health situation will improve bringing new oxygen to our economy. In this situation many challenges arise for the survival of the market itself.

Changeis required: restaurants will have to reduce their covers, bars will engage in takeout and so our habits will often end up changing. Of course, the change seems radical, but this does not mean that we should be carried away by easy negative thoughts. It is in times of difficulty that we must focus on the best energies.

The exhortation then is to look inside, look for firm points in the activity of everyone: the agri-food market of our country is full of them, has qualities envied around the world, our products are preceded by their fame. And don’t think only about exports: Apulian wines are in the limelight of the national market exalted for the quality/ price ratio, our oil, although affected by the plague of Xylella annoying, is an established excellence and the products of our fields, ripened in the sun of the heel of the boot, guarantee unparalleled goodness. These are our firm points. They cannot be harmed by any pandemic or economic crisis and these will be the pillars on which to base a rebirth under the banner of beauty and goodness.

However, an excellent product cannot create value without a market, without a community. In times of difficulty, predatory behaviours find easy play, but we must ask ourselves whether in perspective they do the good of each of us. The invitation then is to mutual support and dialogue: a frank relationship between suppliers and customers to identify obstacles and eliminate them, but also the sharing of successful experiences.

These are the foundations for building a new union between consumer and production chain: mutual trust, adaptability, creativity. Because change means not only the loss of the old status quo, but also the creation of new opportunities. Then we must be vigilant to catch them, confident in our means to succeed.

Nobody says it’ll be easy. There are many difficulties on the horizon. But looking to the future our oil will continue to be used in the best kitchens in the world, while the bottles of tomato sauce will be in the homes of every Italian family on Sundays to cook ragout, not to mention our important red wines, as well as rosé wines, back in vogue in recent years, or craft beers.

We’ll be there, Panvetri will be there. And you? We hope so and we are waiting for you with the professionalism and friendliness that has always distinguished us.

See you there!