We preserve our ecosystem, using green materials!

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We preserve our ecosystem, using green materials!

The growing focus on sustainable development and improved quality of life leads to a reflection on the environmental impact of the materials we use. Correct information allows a conscious choice for efficient, practical and sustainable packaging.

Nowadays the use of glassis gaining more consideration as packaging: it is ecological, hygienic, sustainable and 100% recyclable; an important economic resource, environmentally friendly and respectful of energy resources. The glass retains the taste of any beverage and food, thanks to its chemical inertia, which protects against infectious risk.

Also appreciated the tinplateas a material for recycling. It has many advantages for food: it provides total protection from the contact of oxygen, light, moisture and any other type of external contaminant; it preserves unaltered the organoleptic properties, thus increasing the longevity of food products. Recently, to meet the growing need for environmentally friendly production, tinplate metal packaging is produced with a reduced thickness, according to a European standard.

Panvetri Srl presents a wide range of glass and tinplate articles for food and industrial use, safe and hygienic materials that preserve our ecosystem.