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Price lists variation

Dear customers,

As you all know, our country and Europe are going through a period of serious difficulties in terms of energy supply and raw materials.

The current crisis in Ukraine has only emphasized issues that have already emerged during the health emergency: the result is an exponential increase in production and transport costs.

In the face of this unpredictable situation, in order to guarantee production and not to stop industrial activity, Italian and European glassworks have announced an increase in prices that will come into force from 1 April 2022. The Italian and European Glass Industry Association has announced that it will increase its prices. These list changes will be substantial, but they will allow the continuation of industrial activity and are nevertheless proposed with the premise that, in case of normalization of the current economic situation, there will be a consequent adjustment of prices.

Panvetri’s commitment continues to be to guarantee its customers by seeking the best conditions among all our partners. However, the main challenge today is to find product availability, which is why we put all our energy into maintaining business relationships with all possible suppliers.

By the end of March we will have confirmation of the actual extent of the increases, which will not lead to the application of the same rate for all articles and all glassworks. Our sales staff is at your disposal for any clarification.

We hope that this situation, unimaginable only a few weeks ago, will soon be over.

Best regards.