New rules on waste and packaging

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New rules on waste and packaging

Dear Customers,

we consider it important to inform you that since the end of September 2020 the Legislative Decree 116/2020 has entered into force, which regulates the new discipline in the field of circular economy.

These are new packaging rules, which require the same waste to be transformed into raw materials to be recycled and put back on the market.

In this sense, the subject that produces the waste is directly involved in the recycling process. Through the concept of ERP (Extended Producer Responsibility) he must from the beginning design his own product for subsequent reuse, and with him all the subjects involved in the various stages of production.

Packaging must bear a specific information on the possibility of subsequent reuse in accordance with European Union standards.

At Panvetri, in compliance with current regulations and with the usual professionalism, we only use packaging in accordance with the law, and we are at your disposal to provide you with all the documentation that attests the characteristics of each packaging as a product subject to recycling.

We are aware that in this historical phase everyone must deploy their resources to start a conversion of the whole system in a green key. It is no longer the time to wait.

In order to be updated on every aspect of the new rules, please consult the document in the Gazzetta Ufficiale and the official Conai website, so as to deepen even the most recent interpretations of the individual rules.

As for us, we want to remain a point of reference for you to contact for any doubt or request for clarification. We will accompany you with all our timely competence and seriousness.