Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Panvetri!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Panvetri!

“… Christmas is the rage of a puppy redeemer without a blanket.

Who is in trouble, lying in a lane, behind a barbed wire, who has vanished be happy tonight!

It is of him, of his encumbrance that the advent is celebrated.

For those who ended up alone, for the traveller, for the undressed on the winter avenue,

for those who have been thrown out and fired, for those who have nothing to pay for the roof,

for the unfortunate to be proclaimed this year the feast.”

Erri De Luca

In this phase of emergency Covid our country is going through a difficult time and the consequences are mainly the most fragile families.

This year Panvetri has chosen to stand alongside the Association InConTra that operates on our territory for many years.

This Christmas we will be with them in the distribution by the Street Units of a hot meal, medical kits, blankets and clothes…

With our message, may the warmth of our precious choice, which we wish to share with you, reach your hearts.

In the hope of a better future for all… may our most heartfelt wish for

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Panvetri srl


Voluntary association

L’association InConTrawhich was established in 2007, has as its main principle the fight against social and economic poverty, through assistance to needy families and to those living in a situation of social exclusion, in the fight against the waste of food and materials, such as clothing, children’s toys, household utensils and other household items.

Today it assists more than 1130 families including the new families affected by the health and economic emergency. The Social Market of our association is active daily.

InConTra is also dedicated to the assistance, with food and materials, of the homeless, flanking a listening center and distributing meals in the evening. In addition to alternating evenings the camper of InConTra along the streets of the city for the distribution of sanitary kits, containing products for hygiene use, bags with food and distribution of blankets and clothing.

In recent years, moreover, the Association has promoted the adoption of abandoned municipal green spaces, with the intention of donating, especially in the suburbs of the city, spaces to the citizens and small gardens to the families it assists.

Meets is present during the national emergencies and is the author, moreover, of initiatives now become tradition of the city of Bari.