Glass packaging, an ecological choice with a vintage touch

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Glass packaging, an ecological choice with a vintage touch

Have you ever wondered why when we walk into a store or supermarket a product attracts more attention than others?

I definitely deserve the position, the chromatic impact, the brand it represents, but not only…

Packagingplays an increasingly central role.

Packaging summarizes company values, interprets mission, talks about the product and the brand. And it determines its recognizability, a fundamental element to weave a relationship of trust with customers.

The careful choice of packaging represents a delicate and strategic phase to stand out on the shelves, to make your product stand out and orient the purchase.

In particular, the choice of eco-friendly packaging, such as glass containers, not only give the right value to the product but also tell the ethical approach of the company, attentive to the environmental impact.

Glassis definitely the most eco-friendly choice, because it is 100% recyclable and offers a guarantee on the preservation and safety of food. It preserves unchanged the taste of any product, thanks to its chemical inertia that protects against infectious risk, and above all improves the “shelf life” of the product, that is, the shelf life.

Glass is safeand hygienic, friendly to the environment and energy resources. It is also among the materials that most win the trust of users, who increasingly prefer it to plastic containers, especially for the possibility of reuse.

Among our products, the one that best combines this choice of sustainability with a design inspired by tradition that undoubtedly does not go unnoticed, is the Costolata bottle.

An iconic shape that recalls the tradition of home production of oil and wine, functional and practical in the handle. Available in 4 sizes (25/50/75/100 cl) and in two color variants, transparent and amber, the bottle Costolata, mood 50-60, back on our tables to give a vintage touch much appreciated by users attentive to style choices and sensitive to environmental issues.

The same bottle, with its long-lasting mechanical stopper that is difficult to wear, can then be reused, thus helping to reduce waste. Recent research has estimated that in 10 years of reuse of used glass, have been emitted -20% of nitrogen emissions, -9% of sulfur and -50% of dust. An important fact that confirms the glass packaging as a winning choice, in line with environmental protection policies.

Choosing a glass packaging, means consciously choosing a package that naturally presentsits contents without hiding it, enhances it, preserves it and protects it, ensuring quality and freshness even after use.